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Ranking NBA 'City' uniforms for 2020-21 season

For the fourth-straight season, the NBA and Nike collaborated on 'City' edition jerseys for every team in the league. Since Nike took over as the official uniform partner for the league, some teams have really gotten creative with uniform designs, while others have simply taken the easy route. The 'City' edition uniform is intended to reflect the community that each team resides in. To get more news about cheap nba jerseys, you can visit formaxproductions.com official website.

In years past, some franchises have knocked it out of the park, like when the Minnesota Timberwolves pulled out a Prince tribute with their purple rain jersey, or the Miami Heat introducing the most popular NBA jersey in recent memory with their Vice uniforms. The league officially unveiled all 30 jerseys Thursday morning, though many teams already rolled them out on social media. Like previous iterations, the 'City' edition uniforms will be worn throughout the 2020-21 season, and the league also announced that some of them will be worn during the slate of Christmas Day games.
This year's crop of city edition jerseys offered some unique options, as well as new twists on old classics. So, let's rank all 30 jerseys and see which one stands out above the rest this year.
Pretty on the nose for the Wizards to -- again -- go with the stars and stripes, red, white and blue design. Washington opted to just change the main color from last season's 'City' edition uniforms from white to grey. But with John Wall just being traded for Russell Westbrook, the Wizards probably have a bit more on their minds than what I think of their jersey designs.

Yeah, no these are incredibly boring. I get the idea to use a championship banner as inspiration, but this isn't it. There's nothing unique that stands out about it. It also does nothing to speak to the city of Boston.

The Knicks partnered with New York-based streetwear brand KITH to create these, and they're a total dud. For a team in the league's biggest market, and a city as diverse and historic as New York City, you'd think the Knicks could muster something a bit more creative.

Upsetting that for a place with as cool a nickname as "motor city," this was the best they could do. The design is simplistic and clean, but it's also incredibly dull.

The Heat created perhaps the most iconic city edition uniform years ago with its first iteration of the vice jersey. In black with pink and blue accents, it was the best jersey out there. Then, Miami kept going back to the well and just did different color versions of the Vice uniforms. This year, though, the Heat turned an iconic jersey into a mess. Two-tone gradient is not a good look, regardless of how cool the initial idea is.

I get the intention with this jersey, it's supposed to represent Philadelphia at night with the lights of Boathouse Row shining on. The thing is, though, the execution isn't all that great. That coupled with the placement of the numbering and "Philadelphia" cluttering up the image of the houses, this is a tad bit messy.

The Clippers inverted their 2019 version of the city edition uniform and made it black. It looks sleeker than the white version, but the overall design is nothing special.

Other than the "Oklahoma" across the chest, I'm not sure what this really says about the city or state. The city edition jersey that the Thunder released a couple of years ago that paid homage to the native tribes in Oklahoma was a far better representation than this.

There has got to be something more inspiring about the city of Orlando than oranges. I didn't think it was possible to make pinstripes look bad, but something about the orange and the white doesn't pop out. If this jersey was black with orange pinstripes, then it would look amazing, but as it stands, it's just average.

The Kings combined elements from past uniforms to create this 2020-21 iteration, and it's a clean look. It's a nod to the days that the Kings were based in Kansas City with the baby blue and red accents, but it doesn't speak to the city of Sacramento at all.
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