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Best Airbnb Smart Lock 2022

Hosts that manage remotely typically want to make sure that their short-term rental is secure. Lockboxes are a simple yet great solution for the challenges during check-in key exchanges. You provide the code to the guests, and they can open the box to grab the keys—no need to worry about batteries or failing WiFi. But what happens if the guest fails to lock the door, or worse, fails to return the keys to the lockbox?To get more news about fingerprint front door lock, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

And if the host cares about security, they’ll want to change the code often so previous guests can’t return and let themselves in. No worries, smart locks are here to save the day. A smart lock can be opened remotely, and changing the codes can also be done remotely. We’ve reviewed the best available Airbnb smart lock options in 2022 to help you make an informed decision.
The August Smart Lock Pro is a very popular smart lock for Airbnb because of how versatile and easy to install it is. It fits over most deadbolts with ease, and it offers seamless integration with Airbnb. Potential guests will automatically be issued an invite to download and install the app, allowing them access to your listing only during the dates of their stay.

The Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Smart Lock is a replacement for your existing deadbolt. It offers a touchscreen keypad where guests can enter a 4-digit code. The Schlage Connect is probably the easiest smart lock to use because guests won’t have to sign up for and download an app to their phone.

Also, the hosts can remotely manage codes from Schlage’s app, but it did not appear to have any Airbnb integration, so hosts may have to manually create new codes for each reservation, which could be time-consuming.

The Yale Assure is another excellent option. It is very similar to the Schlage Connect because it replaces your existing deadbolt. The Yale Assure is easy to use because it offers a backlit touch screen and voice guidance to help even the most technologically challenged guests gain entry.

The Yale Assure has a feature where guests can press a button inside the door to disable all codes for a short time. This might appeal to guests who worry that the staff might walk in on them and want a higher sense of privacy.Recently, we’ve started to use the more affordable August Smart Lock – 3rd Generation because its use is obvious even to the most technologically challenged Airbnb guest. The thumb-turn part of the deadbolt is still obvious, requiring no button presses or batteries to manually lock or unlock the door.

The Best Airbnb Smart Lock in 2022
After much debate, we have come to the conclusion that the August Smart Lock Pro is the best Airbnb smart lock of 2022. The ease of setup and the integration with Airbnb makes it the clear winner. At AirHost Academy, we believe strongly in automating the Airbnb process so you can effectively scale your rental business beyond more than just one or two properties.
Consider adding Alexa to your vacation rental once you have your new smart locks. Alexa can advise guests on whether or not the doors are shut and locked. You can also have Alexa control your smart TV or thermostat, and Alexa can even advise guests of motion detected on your security cameras. Creating a safe, secure environment for your guests is very important!
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