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In this guide, we are going to look into the newly released D2R patch 2.4 as well as the game looting areas that are available at the end game level 85 areas. These are the regions from which you can find pretty much every piece of equipment in the game, including the griffin's eye, which is the equipment with the highest quality. These regions are completely new additions to D2R after the 2.4 patch, and they hold all of the end-game gear that can be discovered in the game.

D2R New Farming Areas Available at Level 85 for the EndgameLevel 1 of the Underground Passageway

1. If the game is being played on the hardest difficulty setting, this region is now level 852.  You can find any good gear in this game, as it is legitimate farming at level 85, it is the same as farming the pit or farming the chaos sanctuary, and you can do either of those things here3.  We have some defenses against lightning and some defenses against cold, and this is a perfectly legitimate level 85 farming spot4.  This is the underground passage that leads to the area 1 and it can be accessed directly from either the stony field or the dark woods5.  You can get there from either of the two locations available, so it doesn't matter which direction you choose to travel in

Spider Forest

The Stony Tomb is the location we are looking for; it has two levels, and both of those levels are now considered to be level 85 territory. It appears that some of the undead within this location are immune to the effects of the lightning. This is the frozen orb slash nova source on, she is just a damage output machine, she is absolutely beasty, just great great for frozen orb damage, and also great nova lightning damage. This is the source on. A pleasant little construct is presented to you as a conclusion. Therefore, it doesn't really make a difference, because this build is actually so capable in all of these, unless we're going to encounter cold and lightning immune, which means that basically all of these areas that we're probably going to go through today are going to be very stoppable by this particular build. This is because this build has the ability to deal a lot of damage with its lightning and cold attacks.

An extensive region of wetlands

This is a useful spot because the arachnid lair is going to be right there off of the rack, after off of the spider forest waypoint that will bring us into the spider cavern or rather not the spider cavern the arachnid layer, the place that we never go because there is nothing to do here in the normal course of questing through the game. This is a convenient location. We are going to visit the spider's underground lair. You are looking for the other one, which is a cave that is commonly referred to as the spider cavern. The arachnoir, on the other hand, can now be put to productive use and serves a particular function. We have some individuals who are immune to the effects of lightning, we have some individuals who are immune to the effects of poison, and we have a very nice and stompable spot. Anyway, this level 85 zone is a very easy place to run around, there is not too much mazy stuff, monsters are super duper predictable, and you can absolutely destroy this zone if you have a bunch of lightning immunes. The zone's name comes from the fact that it is easy to run around in.

Flayer Jungle

We are searching for the muddy pit that is rumored to have three distinct tiers. This could potentially be a more terrifying experience than you've already had, depending on how you've built your character and how quickly you can kill those enemies before they kill you. Having said that, given that these foes are extremely defenseless and will be destroyed in a relatively short amount of time. On the other hand, the little chargey dolls can be a nuisance and a danger, which can make them quite terrifying. This is because of the combination of these two factors. The majority of the time, the only thing that has the potential to become a problem is an unexpectedly large amount of damage that occurs all at once.

Dissipated Reputation

Since this is one of the possible locations, you could also look for the tomb in this area if you wanted to. Before being upgraded to a level 85 zone, this location was a level 84 zone, which means that before it was upgraded, it had the potential to drop nearly the highest level loot and possibly even the highest level loop. However, since then, it has been changed so that it only drops nearly the highest level loot. In addition, you will need to exercise a tad more caution in these regions because they encourage the sporadic spawning of specific kinds of monsters, such as stoney are pit vipers, whaling beasts, and scarab beetles. They are going to be quite small, a little bit dangerous, and a little bit more difficult to find than the other areas, so the search for them is going to take a little bit more time than it does for some of the other areas. There may be a couple more locations within the cross bazaar as well, such as the rune temple, the forgotten reliquary, and basically all of those little stair spot that led you on your normal quest through curious bizarre to find the tomb.

These locations are all possible to be found within the cross bazaar. The other areas, such as the rune temple and the forgotten reliquary, are included in this category of locations.

Sewer Level 1

Another location has been upgraded to a level 85 zone, and this one is also one of them. We were able to procure some lightning immunes as a result of the observation that lightning immunity appears to be highly valued by the undead. In addition to that, we were granted magic and immunity to the cold. We were given some bramble mitts and some poison immunes, and it appears that this will contain a significant number of monsters, in addition to some monster packs that are of a size that is considered to be quite adequate in quantity. Certain monsters, such as those little shocking bats, as well as others, have the ability to sneak up on you and surprise you when you least expect D2R ladder runewords for sale.


We are searching these icy highlands in an attempt to find the glowing red portal of Abaddon that is said to be hidden somewhere here. You avoided going there in the past because there was no compelling reason to do so; however, now that it has been transformed into a level 85 zone, it would be an excellent location for such a zone. In the past, you avoided going there because there was no compelling reason to do so. Following that, we'll be heading to Abaddon, which is where things have the potential to become a little bit janky and a little bit buggy. There are some hell witches among us who are impervious to the chill, but even they are no match for the lightning. In addition, we have some horrors that are resistant to the effects of poison. The fact that those hell witches are present makes being in this location a little bit uncomfortable.

The Wasteland of the Acheron

You will come across a wide variety of enemies in this area, which not only has an awesome visual appeal but also gives you the opportunity to farm in a setting that is reminiscent of hell. It would appear that this particular region has more power than the others do. Because of the ease with which you could convert all of those fireballs into healing, this location has the potential to be an excellent source of this resource—that is, unless the fireballs themselves cause magic damage. It's possible that this location is wonderful for a second reason: you could use all of those fireballs to heal yourself.

Glacial Trail

The level of this location used to be 84, but it has since been raised to level 85, and we have added cold immunes into this area. The drifter cavern can be found. Bring damage of any kind other than that caused by cold, and we were able to take down some moon lords. This area has always appeared to be difficult, much like the drifter cavern and the other cavern where you rescue onion draw on the blank here especially for sorcerers with that little damager thingy that is on her head. Draw on the blank here. This is not a beneficial location for sorceress, but it could be helpful for other classes.

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