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Since FromSoftware released the highly-anticipated and well-received buy PS Elden Ring Runes over two months ago, players from all over the world have had the opportunity to enjoy (and, on occasion, suffer through) the process of exploring the expansive map of Lands Between. Nevertheless, Death poker build demonstrated that a punishing game can still be enjoyable, even if it requires players to lose multiple times to the game's boss or other adversaries.

Cracked pots, which the player can actually take as their starting gift, may not appear to be particularly useful at first, but they play an extremely significant role in the brand-new crafting system and are essential to its operation. These are used in the creation of a wide variety of hurlable weapons, and once used, the pots are put back into the player's inventory so that they can be used in the production of additional consumable items.

Cracked pots can be purchased from Kale, a merchant who can be found in the Church of Elleh. This is the quickest and easiest way for new players to obtain cracked pots. He is willing to sell all three of them for a total of 300 runes each.

The Spirit Casting Bell is an invaluable item that shines most during the game's many challenging skirmishes with enemies and battles against bosses. It gives players the ability to call forth spirit ashes, which can sometimes take the form of multiple NPC allies and have the ability to both pull aggro and deal a small amount of damage.

After having a conversation with Melina at the Gatehouse Site of Grace, you should go back to the Church of Elleh during the night and have a conversation with a new non-playable character who will be sitting nearby. This is Renna, a woman who appeared in a few of the buy ER Runes pre-release trailers for only a few seconds each website link. Following a brief exchange of words with the player, she will hand over the Spirit Casting Bell.

Golden Seeds allow players to increase the total number of flasks they can carry, which is something that has the potential to make or break attempts against difficult bosses or long treks across unexplored stretches of land. Players can increase the total number of flasks they can carry by clicking the "Golden Seeds" button in the inventory screen.

These items can be found in Limgrave in small numbers, and they are always to be found in close proximity to a young Erdtree sapling. Both can be found on the Weeping Peninsula; one can be found along the path leading to Castle Morne on the Weeping Peninsula, and the other can be found along the road just north of the Gatehouse Site of Grace.

In certain zones, spectral non-player characters known as Spirit Ashes are available to be summoned to assist players in combat. They are available in a wide variety of forms, many of which are designed with a particular circumstance in mind. The Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, on the other hand, provide players with access to what is arguably the best early-game summon: a spectral jellyfish that is excellent at distracting enemies, possesses a ranged attack, and spawns with a considerable amount of health.

A non-playable character (NPC) can be found in the Stormhill Shack, which is located a short distance away from the aforementioned location of the Stormhill Golden Seed. You can purchase this summon from the NPC. If the player has multiple conversations with this NPC, she will eventually give the player the item she is trying to give them.

Although it may not be as effective as some of the other early-game weapons in Elden Ring, the Twinblade is undeniably a stylish piece of equipment that, when combined with the appropriate Ash of War, has the potential to become especially lethal.- The Dragon-burnt ruins are located just to the south of the starting area, and they are where you can find this weapon- The staircase that leads to the chest that contains the item is, however, walled in, so it will be necessary to use Torrent's ability to double jump in order to gain access to the chest- A trap chest can be found in the same area, and it will transport unsuspecting victims to the perilous Sellia Crystal Tunnel if they open it- Players must be wary of this chest

Fort Haight is located in the southeastern part of Limgrave, south of the Minor Erdtree. It is a fairly well-fortified outpost, so players who are just beginning their adventure may want to avoid it at first. Those who are self-assured in their abilities, on the other hand, might want to march their way to the top of it and defeat a particularly formidable foe in order to obtain the Bloody Slash Ash of War.

This Ash of War, when equipped with the Blood affinity, has the potential to inflict the bleeding status effect, which, depending on the adversary, may make it an especially useful weapon. It also has an outrageously stylish design, which may appeal to people who are looking to give their builds more of a showy appearance.

The Third Church of Marika can be found to the north of the Minor Erdtree, which is located on the eastern side of Limgrave. The players will find a Site of Grace as well as a Sacred Tear and a Flask of Wondrous Physick in this location.

Through the use of the Flask of Wondrous Physick, players are able to combine two Crystal Tears and imbue themselves with individualized buffs while engaged in battle. Crystal Tears are not exactly easy to find in Limgrave, despite the fact that this item is unquestionably essential to have. Having said that, the Flask of Wondrous Physick becomes absolutely necessary at a later point in the game.
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