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Freida Rothman’s Jewelry tells beautiful stories

Monday November 8 at 7:00 pm, the community is invited to Temple Israel to meet Jewelry designer Freida Rothman. The event is co-sponsored by Beth El’s Miriam Initiative, Women of Beth Israel, Women of Chabad, the Institute for Holocaust Education, The Jewish Press, the Jewish Federations of Omaha, the National Council of Jewish Women and Temple Israel.To get more news about design and custom Jewerly platform, you can visit jewelryhunt.net official website.

“The entire event came about because my friend, Karen Ryan, represents Freida Rothman in the Omaha area,” Susie Norton said. “Freida expressed interest in coming to Omaha, specifically because she wanted to meet our community of Jewish women, and I was Karen’s connection.”
Freida is from Brooklyn- the city that inspires her art. She also draws inspirations from her grandparents, who were all Holocaust survivors.

“Freida’s designs honor strength and resiliency through contemporary pieces that reflect her native Brooklyn,” her website reads. “She only sees the beauty in this city as it symbolizes a second chance for her family; for Freida, the urban expanse is replete with tradition and heritage.”

She is a second-generation jeweler, “a mother of four, and an entrepreneur striving to remind every woman of her inner strength. Taking design inspiration from the city streets around her, Freida’s signature sterling silver and mixed-metal pieces elevate Brooklyn grit— from the New York City skyline to the steel of the Brooklyn Bridge — into effortless elegance for your everyday. Since 2010, she has personally designed each piece of jewelry.”

In lay language: her designs reflect the city that’s so obviously in her blood, are unique and strong as well as elegant. But this is about more than jewelry: Freida has a story to tell that goes beyond the surface. Her jewelry isn’t just pretty—its beauty hints at the story that inspired each individual piece.

“In the fashion industry,’ she said, “things can get somewhat shallow. I never wanted that for myself, or for the people I design for, so I asked: ‘How can I bring more meaning to it? In answering that question, combined with the examples I had in my grandparents, I came up with the ‘Women of Strength’ campaign.”

All four of Freida’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors. Initially afraid to touch their stories, Freida, like so many children and grandchildren of survivors, wasn’t always comfortable sharing. However, when she presented the idea to a group of survivors, they told her to go for it.

“They couldn’t believe a young person wanted to tell their story, and gave me their blessing. And then my father told me: ‘if not the younger generation, then who?’ Around the same time, a coach I worked with taught me to be my authentic self. It allowed me to connect my work with who I am, with a deeper meaning.”

That first campaign was followed by others. For the ‘Honor’ campaign, the second edition of the ‘Women of Strength’ campaign, Freida chose to celebrate women in the military, unsung heroes in our country, who exhibit resilience, honor, and courage. Following a day at the West Point Military Academy campus, Freida Rothman was inspired by the sea of black and gold, intricate details of cadet uniforms and the academy motto, Duty, Honor, Country. The West Point-inspired jewelry collection was designed in collaboration with a team of female alumni and features design details that honor the institution. The Faith-Hope-Love campaign illustrates how the challenges of 2020 have highlighted the strength and courage of healthcare workers across the country and honors these heroes. On Freida’s website, inspirational stories of frontline workers and how they persevered with the help of Faith, Hope and Love are shared.
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