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FattE-Bikes Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Today, June 15th, 2022, at 12:00 PM MST, we launched our equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.To get more news about volt electric bike, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

Founded in 2017, we are one of a few electric bike companies that builds e-bikes in the USA.To get more news about how much does an electric bike cost, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.
Electric bikes represent the fastest-growing segment of electric vehicles (EVs). The global electric bike industry is expected to hit $50B by 2027. With 3.7 Million e-bikes sold in 2019, estimates are expected to reach 17 Million e-bikes in 2030.To get more news about bluetooth bike speaker, you can visit magicyclebike.com official website.

“Our master bike mechanics build higher quality electric bikes than those produced in overseas factories,” says co-founder and COO Kenny Fischer. “Our process enables customers to select from 1000’s of color and styling combinations, so they get a truly custom and personalized ebike.”

“We are so excited to open up this opportunity for our customers and fans to own a part of FattE Bikes “ said co-founder and CEO Victoria Brunner. “We feel it is important not only to build electric bikes in the USA, but to share company ownership opportunities with our customers and a variety of investors.”
Electric bikes, like bicycles and cars, do require some maintenance. Regular maintenance for moving parts like the chain will extend the life of the part. This can also give you a smoother and quieter ride.

We recommend a basic tuneup every 400 to 500 miles. This will include a full safety inspection, lubricating the chain and cables, check and adjust bearings, and adjusting the brakes and shifting. A basic tune-up for hour ebike will cost between $90-$120.

Maintenance costs for an ebike usually include the regular aspects of bike maintenance. This includes brake adjustments, replacing brake pads, replacing cables, and shift adjustments. There is generally very little maintenance required for quality electrical components.Other maintenance costs to your electric bike could include trouble-shooting electrical issues. You can avoid a lot of these by purchasing a quality ebike from a reputable manufacturer. Also look for ebikes that have key electrical components, like the controller, installed inside the frame.

You can avoid flat tire repair costs by installing tire liners, which significantly help reduce flat tires.The battery is one of the most expensive parts of your ebike. There is a balance on cost versus performance here.

Get too small a battery, and you might run low on pedal assistance when you need it. This matters if you have a long commute or like to go on long rides. That said, due to the high cost of batteries, there's no need to buy a battery that is so large you never come close to using all the amps before recharging.

Look for a battery with at least 14 Amp Hours. Some ebike companies will also offer an option to upgrade to a larger battery, usually for $400-$500 extra. This is still less than buying a spare battery in most cases.With proper care, your electric battery should last for about 700-800 cycles. The number of charging cycles you will get varies on the riding and storage conditions you have exposed your battery to. While rapid chargers are available, these will reduce the life of the battery.

Avoid storing your battery in extreme cold or extreme heat. Remove the battery from the ebike and store it inside a conditioned living space. This helps extend the life of the battery.Eventually, after years of riding and 10,000s of miles, you'll hit that time when you need to replace your battery.
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