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Copernicus Foundation Collecting Bulletproof Vests to Send to Ukraine

A nonprofit in Chicago’s Jefferson Park is collecting bulletproof vests to send to Ukraine. The table at the Copernicus Center was filled with bulletproof vests—all donated by police officers and departments across the region.To get more news about body armor, you can visit bulletproofboxs.com official website.

“I cannot even tell you the feeling of the first phone call we got that they got to Kyiv. They have them and they’re in their hands,” said executive director Kamila Sumelka. “It just makes it all worth it. We are always saying that if we save one life, this is all worth it.”
The Copernicus Foundation started the drive two weeks ago and yesterday shipped 140 bulletproof vests to protect those on the frontlines in Ukraine, as well as women and children trying to cross the border safely.

“We’re getting a lot of phone calls that people just want to get involved,” Sumelka said. “We have people offering us to send us bullets and guns we say, 'no, no we can not do that.' Everybody just want to help.”The donation was emotional and special for one woman. Her husband served in law enforcement.

“She felt that she’s doing honor to him by bringing it over on his behalf. and I think it helped her get through the issues. It’s doing something good than being in her closet and not being used for any purpose,” said Copernicus Foundation Board Zenon Kurdziel.Members of the Asian American Law Enforcement Association and Brotherhood for The Fallen also donated some new and used vests for the cause.

“Law enforcement officers used these protective vests in order to protect themselves from various calibers, to protect them in day-to-day operations,” explained AALEA Vice President John Pham.While some officers with ties to Ukraine can’t physically be there to serve and protect, they hope that by donating these vests, it could help save a life in battle.

“It’s the least we could do to give back to not only our community, but there’s a lot of Ukrainians in Chicago,” said Pham. “Overall, as well as help overseas as much as we can.”For now, there’s no end date for the drive. The foundation said it would only end when the war is over.

“We’re gonna keep doing it for as long as it’s necessary. We’re not going to stop,” said Sumelka.The Copernicus Center is open seven days a week. The public can drop off bulletproof vests at the center located in Jefferson Park at 5216 W. Lawrence.
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