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Romanian Photographer Shoots Women From 121 Countries To Show That Beauty Is Everywhere

Beauty is everywhere and Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian portrait photographer is continuing her journey to prove it by traveling the world and photographing beautiful women. Her project is called "The Atlas of Beauty", and she posted the photos from 37 countries on Bored Panda roughly a year ago. Now, she is back with more beautiful pictures!To get more news about 色爽交视频, you can visit our official website.

Beauty standards around the world can vary greatly, though sincerity and pure elegance, always wins compared to the ones depicted in social media.

"In the past two years I traveled around the world, and captured hundreds of portrait photography shots in diverse environments," she wrote on Bored Panda. "My goal is to show that allure is in our differences, not in trends, Beauty standards, money or race."

"Through my photography, I want to capture that feeling of warmth and serenity which is so specific to the most beautiful women in the world and comes to balance all the negativity we see in the media. I think people should be more aware of other cultures and beauty can teach us to be more tolerant."
In the pictures she shared, Kajol is dressed in a pink top with beige pants. She captioned her post, “7 moods for the 7 days of the week... starting with Friday of course... rotate and repeat! (ignore the blue tarp at the back).” In some of the pictures, Kajol could be seen posing in front of what appears to be a set. One of the photos featured the actor smiling and posing against the sun in the background.

Many fans dropped heart emojis on Kajol’s photos. One also wrote, “Lovely.” Another fan commented, “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” A person also compared Kajol to her mother, the veteran actor Tanuja, and wrote, “You resemble your mom now.”

Those that tune in all summer to the nonstop drama are glued to their television to see who wins the $750,000. Season 24 came to end last night, and Taylor Hale was crowned winner and took home the cold hard cash.

The 27-year-old beauty queens capped off the eventful season after almost being voted out several times and being ostracized from the beginning. But after winning the 8-1 final vote, she revealed to Entertainment Weekly what it means to be the first Black woman to win the game show.

But my purpose for coming to this game was so much bigger than just Taylor Hale playing. It was so much bigger than just trying to make a name for myself. There was a bigger moment for me that I knew that I had to fulfill, and somehow I ended up pulling it off,” she told EW. “So I just want future Black women Big Brother players to know that they can come into the game and they don’t have to be bullied or harassed or painted as a villain. They can just be themselves. And win.”

This isn’t Hale’s first time in front of the bright lights, as she recently won Miss Michigan in 2021 and later went on to compete for Miss USA, where she subsequently won Miss Congeniality.
As a pageant queen, it’s hard to overlook the Detroit native’s beauty. Check out some of her hottest Instagram pictures below.
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