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Five product development trends impacting the CAD market

The Computer Aided Design (CAD) market continues to be driven by the needs of manufacturers in response to macroeconomic trends. Today’s highly inflationary environment, impacted by supply chain constraints and expensive raw materials and parts, continues to impact manufacturers.To get more news about drawing cad, you can visit shine news official website.

Combined with other macro-political challenges, there is much uncertainty around the economic outlook for 2023. While this wave of uncertainty is bound to impact the entire market, enterprise and medium-sized companies are better equipped with the resources to accommodate risk.
These companies know that they need to continue investing through the downturn if they want to take advantage of the inevitable rebound. In fact, enterprise and medium-sized businesses largely maintained or even increased their product development spending through the pandemic. Smaller companies, which tended to run on lower margins with less financial cushion and less ability to impact upstream costs, were much more careful with incremental spending during that time.

This year, we will see five trends in product development:

Trend 1: Adopting Simulation Driven Design

We can expect to see continued momentum for Simulation Driven Design (SDD). Instead of primarily applying simulation technology at the end of the design process, there will be continued expansion throughout the design process by designers and engineers. This “shift left” strategically positions simulation at the earliest practical point of the product development process, enabling organisations to create higher-quality designs and better control costs through more well-informed decisions made earlier in the design process. Additionally, it enables greater innovation by allowing companies to explore many more potential designs using digital testing.

There will be continued growth in new accounts acquiring these technologies and broader adoption and expansion within existing accounts for large and small companies. Companies are benefiting from greater agility by being able to quickly validate and progress designs, improve quality, enhance speed to market, and design with higher confidence. Customers are also exploring a wider array of design concepts with simulation technology instead of costly prototypes, creating a higher likelihood of delivering more optimal products.

Trend 2: Enabling innovation with emerging technologies

New design technologies like generative design and additive manufacturing are driving innovation in product development. These technologies significantly broaden the potential solution space for how a particular set of design objectives can be achieved.

Generative design algorithms are unbiased by the human thought process. Users define the design problem, and the engine determines an array of optimal solutions. It can achieve in hours or days what would take designers weeks or months to do. By integrating this technology deeply within the CAD tool, using the native CAD model, engineers can incorporate generatively developed designs into their existing designs. It creates an agile process that takes full advantage of the benefits of parametric CAD.

Additive manufacturing enables companies to develop unique designs unobtainable using any other fabrication technologies. This potential has led many companies to experiment with additive and achieve amazing results, both of which are driving more customers to integrate tools for designing for additive manufacturing directly into their design process.
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